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DRAGONTONGUE by G. W. Thomas features tales of Torel the Gelt, hunter and swordsman,  like "Wekka's Gold" (The Harrow) and "Owl Night" (Twilight Times).  There are Fantasy-Mysteries with Manthorn in "The Bargain Spinner" (Gauntlet) and "Half Wolf" and Vrtashkor the Dragon in "Claymore For Dragon". You'll meet Princess-in-exile, Luantishee in "In Their Pleasant Palaces" and "Unfinished Portrait" (Dragonglass) as well as other stories set in the same world. The Rainbow Man is a strange wizard featured in forty short-shorts from the pages of Fables. To finish out the book is an afterword by the author  "The Fantasist as Moralist" a look at the subtext of Fantasy fiction.
79,000 wrds.
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